Other Work

Elm Street Technology

At the end of 2017, I joined Elm Street Technology and helped begin the design and development of their Zendesk support portal. I acted as product owner, writing help articles, recording videos, offering feedback to our web design on an in-development layout, and organizing the content. Upon leaving the company in early 2018 for my current role at Electronic Arts, the portal was live and featuring approximately 50 articles. After giving my notice, I created handover content to insturct others on how to properly update and edit content in the support portal. A video of the portal from my time there is below. Visit the current portal, featuring a more final design, here: https://elmstreettechnology.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.

Freelance SEO + Web Design Work

In 2017 I used my digital marketing skills and web development background to assist clients with work bolstering their web presence. One of these clients was https://allenbusinessadvisors.com. On two occasions I helped optimize their site, sharpen up some of the content, and improve the site's search engine rankings. For the final item in that list, prior to my optimizations the site was averaging about 4-5 impressions per week. After only a couple of hours of work I had increased that impression by about 4000% with weekly impressions rnaging from two to three hundred. This was with minimal changes to the content of the site (per the client's request) and purely by updating the site's metadata to improve search rankings in Google and attract more visitors.

Abbey Villa Soccer Club

During my final semester at college and up until my early days at Harmonix, I helped an MA youth soccer club (disclaimer: my father is the founder and president of the club) in developing websites for leagues and another sports club under the Abbey Villa banner. These sites aren't online anymore however the projects helped me better learn how to integrate third party solutions into a tech stack and design novel solutions for building systems on a limited financial and time budget. The sites were built in Wordpress using various third party plugins.