My Major Qualifying Project (MQP) at Worcester Polytecnic Institute (WPI) - a capstone akin to an undergraduate thesis. I built a rhythm game and accompanying engine in Visual C++, making use of APIs such as SDL, Juce, and FMOD to power the game. I exhibited the game at WPI's booth at PAX East 2014. It won me the Provost's Award for Outstanding MQP, an award given to a project exhibiting excellence.

Personal Projects + Gamejams

.HPP in ~/Slavery

A bizarre Twine project made for the Goethe Institut's ART GAMES gamejam in Boston, MA. The theme was 'unreality' and my game is about "talking" (more like listening) with the 45th president of the United States of America ramble on about alternative facts and the like. This was my first full Twine project and a good way to learn more about using the tool.

Axios Online: .HPP in ~/Slavery_0010

A kinetic novel made in Unity + Twine (using Cradle) for the Greek Mytholojam 2017. The game retells Orpheus + Eurydice through an MMO chatlog. This was, similar to the other .HPP in ~/Slavery project, a project spent learning a new tool.

I have many other gamejam + personal projects available at my page.



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Harmonix Music Systems

Rock Band 4 & Rivals Expansion

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Amplitude (2016)

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On Call

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Woo! Game Pile

Battle Decks 2017

I was a judge on the Woo! Game Pile's #Battledecks17 panel. Additionally, I created pitches and collated/edited other pithces for the powerpoint deck used in the presentaiton and edited the video. I also was responsible for finding guests to join the panel as presenters. I would return for Battledecks 2018 as a presenter. Watch the 2017 panel below:


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